I am primarily a self-taught fine art photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My work evolved from my study of Polaroid image and emulsion transfers, including the SX-70 manipulations, ergo, my need to convey a painterly approach. Unfortunately Polaroid discontinued the film needed for this crossover art, and I began experimenting with digital and Holga cameras.

Although I have other bodies of work where I work with the truly feminine in nudes, portraits, invocations to the past via historic sites, devotional art and haunting landscapes, I have dedicated this website exclusively to dance.

I feel that in part my psyche’s design is perhaps to remind me of a lifetime thwarted yearning to become a dancer and an attempt to integrate the concept of dance because different dances originate from different cultures. All dances share a similar origin: An expression of human culture and biological programming.

I have always focused on invoking the inner landscapes of the soul, mystical, ethereal, contemplative and transcendent. The emotional intensity and psychic energy inherent in dance resonates with this vision. Dance allows dancers to enter into different emotional states or feelings of spiritual connections.

Although this is the first time I am departing as exclusively a fine art photogrpher, I am not departing from my original concept of soulshapes.

For example, in Flamenco, “duende” is soul. The poet Federico Garcia Lorca, described it in a lecture he gave in Cuba in 1930. “I heard an old maestro of the guitar say, ‘The duende is not in the throat; the duende surges up, inside, from the soles of the feet.’ …"

The Tango started as a dance that expressed life’s dark side, born in the slums of Buenos Aires, yet today reigns worldwide. Its success imparts life to the Argentinian soul, the country where I was raised.

Modern Dance departs from the rigid authoritarian controls of classical ballet since their founders composed their dances entirely of spirit, heart, mind and soul.

My work leads me to myself, to a resolution of pathos via images.

Photo by Daryl Black